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Family and Emergency Dental Services

It can often be difficult, particularly for one's own health, to determine whether or not an issue with our teeth and/or gums constitutes an emergency. We recommend that you assume it does, and give us a call. We don't mind hearing from you, and we'd prefer to begin treating a potential problem right away. Remember that pain in your mouth is simply not normal, and there is a cause there to be investigated.  Our dentist, Dr. Saveet Mangat, and the entire team at Pinegrove Dental take great pride in putting patients at ease - adults and children alike - and making them feel welcome and relaxed. We look forward to meeting your family and getting to know you.  


If you have a dental emergency, don't hesitate - call us right away and we'll do our best to manage your pain and begin finding the solution.


Dr. Mangat is very pleased to be in practice in Oakville, and settled in the community she loves with her husband and family. Saveet has studied and worked all over the world, and considers herself fortunate to have found this great community.  Meet our dentist, Dr. Saveet Mangat: Saveet is Indian, but started her career as an assistant in a dental office here in Canada. Her education took her to India, the United States, Africa, back to the U.S. and finally brought her home to start her own practice here in Oakville. Knowing that many of her female patients and often their very young children seem to prefer working with a female dentist, Saveet takes great care in putting people at ease and in listening well to their concerns. She looks forward to developing long-lasting relationships with her patients and their families, and watching their children grow and blossom into having families of their own.  


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We offer a complete range of dental services right here in our office, from routine check-ups and regular hygiene to specialty services such as veneers, whitening, fillings and extractions. We want you to leave here with the healthiest smile possible, and a happy feeling that makes you want to share it with others.


If you have a dental emergency, or if you're just not sure what constitutes an emergency, please feel confident in contacting us as quickly as possible. We will be happy to advise whether or not you need to seek immediate attention. We would certainly rather err on the side of caution, as delays in getting prompt treatment can, in certain circumstances, lead to a host of other complications. We aim to provide you with compassionate care to relieve your pain or discomfort as quickly as possible and begin treatment as appropriate for the best long-term outcome for your dental (and overall) health. Call our Oakville office at 905-582-4888.  For most people, family dentistry means routine check-ups and cleanings for the whole family, from infancy to adulthood, with an occasional extraction or a few fillings along the way. We take great pride in the level of services we provide and in developing personable relationships with our patients, but we are also experts in co-ordinating appointments to make life easy for Mom or Dad (or whoever is the maintainer of the family calendar). We understand that you need to work around dance lessons and hockey practice, exam schedules and PD days, and that you don't want to waste all your vacation days at the dentist. We look forward to getting to know you and your whole family.   


Stop by our clinic to see for yourself that we offer a comfortable and relaxing environment. We know that seeing your dentist is not your favourite thing to do, so we do everything we can to make it a pleasant experience, for you and for your children.


Pinegrove Dental is located between Fourth Line and Dorval, just one block south of Speers Road. The office is in a plaza with a large parking area right out front. Call us at 905-582-4888 or email us at to book your appointment or if you have any questions. Dr. Mangat welcomes all patients to schedule a visit to the office for a meet and greet. So, please come by and say Hello!  We are pleased to offer composite "white" fillings to all our patients. The tooth-coloured material blends with your natural teeth making the filling virtually invisible, for a better-looking smile.  


Pinegrove Dental is your family care dental practice in Oakville, where Dr. Saveet Mangat provides compassionate care in a comfortable and friendly environment. Call 905-582-4888 to book your appointment or for emergency dentistry services.

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