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Emergency Dentist Oakville

If you have a dental emergency, or if you're just not sure what constitutes an emergency, please feel confident in contacting us as quickly as possible. We will be happy to advise whether or not you need to seek immediate attention. We would certainly rather err on the side of caution, as delays in getting prompt treatment can, in certain circumstances, lead to a host of other complications. We aim to provide you with compassionate care to relieve your pain or discomfort as quickly as possible and begin treatment as appropriate for the best long-term outcome for your dental (and overall) health. Call our Oakville office at 905-582-4888.                              




Pinegrove Dental is your family care dental practice in Oakville, where Dr. Saveet Mangat provides compassionate care in a comfortable and friendly environment. Call 905-582-4888 to book your appointment or for emergency dentistry services.

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